Ashton Campbell, the reigning Miss Arkansas, is an excellent example
of someone who “gives back.” As part of her duties, Ashton will spend the next year traveling the Natural State in an effort to promote her platform, “Aim Higher: Setting Our Sights on Higher Education,” as well as the Children’s Miracle Network and the Arkansas Children’s

When Austin and Ashton Samuelson got ready to open a second restaurant, everything had to be perfect.
The owners of Tacos 4 Life had successfully operated
their first restaurant, Pitza 42, long enough to start consider opening a second one to expand their mission of feeding starving children in third world countries. They considered taking their “buy a meal, give a meal” concept to a new town with a second Pitza 42, but it did not seem like the right time to leave Conway.

“We just felt like the people of Conway understood

The Conway Civic League has been doing good work in the community since 1950.

Formed with 10 charter members, the club has a history of giving to many charitable organizations over the years and provides its members a place to meet with other ladies and learn new things. Charter member Pat Ott discussed the early days of the club.

“I was elected the first president, because I was the only one who would be willing to do it, and I knew nothing of Robert’s Rules of Order. I was very young. We talked about ways we wanted to do things in Conway to help the community. We just got started.”

“Home is the nicest word there is.” ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

A challenging home remodel can be gratifying for those who love a good project. Such is the case for the homeowners of this remodeled abode in Conway’s Westgate neighborhood, who enjoy revitalizing older homes.

The house, near the University of Central Arkansas, was built in 1975. The subdivision is refreshingly filled with large trees and interesting homes of various styles. Though much of the house was reworked, we are featuring
the kitchen and hearth room. The owners purchased the home with a vision and hired Rex Lovelady with Conway Custom Builders to enact that vision.

Innovative office procedure for chronic sinusitis at Conway ENT Clinic

Do you experience sinus pressure and headaches? Always congested and find it difficult to breath? Do you suffer from recurrent sinus infections? Well, the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure
may be just the solution for you. Balloon Sinuplasty is a breakthrough Minimally Invasive procedure that relieves the pain and pressure associated with chronic sinusitis.

After the first few paragraphs, my stomach tightened. By the end of chapter one, my stomach
was twisted in a nervous knot. A few more chapters into the story and I felt paralyzed with fear, accepting that my anxiety level would remain high until I finished every last word of Edith’s story.

The Nazi Officer’s Wife; How One Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust is the true story of Edith Hahn. Prior to World War II, Edith was an energetic young woman, full of hopes and dreams. That’s when Adolf Hitler ascended to power.

Have you ever had a moment in life when you stopped, took a deep breath, and realized that God provided something that you never knew you needed? I had this type of moment recently. It took my breath away!

Food pantries are typically “feast or famine”. Meaning, pantries will have busy times, and slow times. In most cases, you will see a lot of donations come through during the holidays, natural disasters and food drives. Food pantries are open year around, unfortunately, these pantries can run low during slow times of the year. Donating to a local food bank is a great opportunity to give back to your community,
its also a great learning tool for children and young adults to see the value in giving food to those in need.

Here are some of our local areas to donate:

Soul Food Café Mission

Dazzle Daze offers opportunities to shop for a greater cause

The 13th annual Dazzle Daze will once again offer the community a variety of holiday fare. Over the years the number of merchants has grown to nearly 100. In fact, the show has almost exceeded the capacity of the Conway Expo Center.

Several merchants, such as Rebecca Designs of Conway, have held their spots for a decade. While they have been financially successful at the show, there is more to the story.

The 2014 Dazzle Daze co-chairs, Sheryl Sample and Aimee Prince, are preparing for a very busy November.
They wouldn’t have it any other way. Sheryl and Aimee are “all in” when it comes to their community, especially the Conway Regional Women’s Council. They lead the non-stop lives of volunteers, mothers and career women.

Sheryl has been an active member of the Women’s Council for five years and is completing

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