For Conway native and resident Mary Catherine Mann, life is all about family, particularly her children and grandchildren.
She is a mother of four, including twins Catherine Wood and Mallory Mann, son Patrick Mann, and youngest daughter Abby Richard. Catherine is married to Brad and is mother to Natalie Kate. Abby is married to Zane is is mother to Avery Grace. Brad is engaged to Leslie, and the two will be married in June.

Offering Different Options for Childbirth

Nicolle S. Fletcher founded Birth by Design Birth Services in 2012 in an effort to empower women’s birth choices. Nicolle’s passion for the heart and needs of all women led to her founding the business, which is thriving.

Marilyn Shock, daughter Michelle Pape, launch Aromatherapy Bar & Wellness Center

Mothers and daughters often do a lot of things together. It’s a relationship like no other. For one Greenbrier pair, the relationship extends beyond family dinners and shopping trips — it’s business.
Marilyn Shock and daughter, Michelle Pape, have taken their personal wellness goals to new levels, sharing knowledge and best practices with people in their own city. The two launched the Aromatherapy Bar & Wellness Center in March, and have begun free classes on healthy eating and the very popular topic of essential oils.

Jenifer’s Antiques embraces success with 3,000-square-foot addition

By Leah Ashby
Photos by Brandy Strain

Jenifer Hendrix, owner of Jenifer’s Antiques, enjoys doing what she loves every day.
Jenifer’s Antiques has been a mainstay in downtown Conway since opening for business in May of 2002. Jenifer grew up watching her grandmother, Beulah Katheryn Watts Carter, and mother, Carol Carter Hendrix, operating antique booths. Their passion for antiques created the desire in Jenifer to one day own her own antique business. After 14 years of teaching, Jenifer decided to realize her dream.

By Jennifer Stanley
Photos by Brandy Strain & Jennifer Stanley

House One: Customized and Kid-Friendly
Adam and Nikki Jones of Greenbrier knew just who to consult when designing their children’s rooms: their kids! Makenna, 10 and Maddox, 7 were heavily involved in the planning and decision-making for their respective spaces, though mom was obviously able to make a few more choices in the room of their one-year old daughter, Marlee.

The truth that God is directing the events of our life does not prevent times of difficulty or pain. Believers are not guaranteed a problem-free life. Even now, you may be reading this column as you sit in a doctors office waiting for your name to be called. When sin entered this world, bad things like death, disease, and difficulty became a reality that every person would face; however, we should not be discouraged. God is ultimately in control, and His presence is always with us. We serve the One True God who is able to meet and exceed every need that we face in life.

Summer is quickly approaching, which means three months of exciting opportunities to get your kids involved in the arts! Here are just a few of the many options that can be found right here in Conway.


Day Camp
June 8-12, July 13,-17, August 3-7
This day camp provides basic instruction in a variety of mediums for children ages 10-15. Students will learn to appreciate and express themselves through art.
More information can be found at


Explore: Summer Arts Experience
July 6-31

Why read? Why read? There are as many reasons to read as there are allergen irritants in Arkansas in springtime.
Recent studies show that staying mentally stimulated through reading can slow or even possibly prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Keeping brain waves active and engaged prevent it from losing power. And just like any other muscle in the body, the brain requires exercise to keep it healthy and strong.

Make every mom feel young, invigorated and excited on that second Sunday in May. Why not give her a reason to dress up? Show her that you love her and truly value everything she has done for you and/or your kids. Perhaps you’ve exhausted all the possible Mother’s Day surprises you can think of. Well, think again, because with a small amount of extra time and care, you can make this one especially memorable.

We all feel better with a healthy sun kissed glow, so you will be happy to hear you can enhance your skin tone without exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun or tanning beds. How? By protecting your skin with our natural looking sunless tan. We customize our solutions to your skin tone, so go from winter-white to a gorgeous golden glow — or all the way to just-back-from-Cabo honey brown.

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