The Village at Hendrix home of Nathan and Caroline Howse and son Reed is an eclectic, fun space. Visitors enter the home via the cheery front porch and are greeted with a plethora of interesting objects and details.
The Howse family moved into their two bedroom, two bath home in May 2011. “We lived in the old Covington concrete factory, and I had trouble with the stairs when I was pregnant. We loved it there, but we had to move into something more manageable,” says Caroline. Nathan’s mother was the first resident in the homes at The Village, so the Howse’s had spent a significant amount of time in the neighborhood. “We loved it. Everything is so interesting and different, and I don’t do cookie-cutter well,” says Caroline.
When they decided to buy the home, it was eighty percent finished. Nathan and Caroline were able to choose the finishing touches. The home includes beautiful granite countertops in muted tones and hardwood flooring. The walls are painted in earth tones, and their décor perfectly complements the natural palette. The overall impression is an open, bright space with a bit of a natural, western flair.
“I’ve never been able to say that I have one style. I see things that I like, and I use them,” states Caroline. A painting of wild horses featured in the living area was a gift from an artist they met while honeymooning in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “We sat next to them at a restaurant, and he was so excited that we chose Jackson Hole for our honeymoon; we got the painting in the mail two weeks later.” In addition, photographs taken by Nathan, who took up photography as a hobby while in college, are displayed throughout the home. Most of the photos were taken in Arkansas and feature subjects such as farm houses, animals, and mailboxes. The latter is hung over the rustic farm table in the dining area.
Much of the couple’s furniture is repurposed, including a display table in the living area that was once Nathan’s family kitchen table. Much of their furniture and décor is blended from being relatively newly married. A set of recovered, antique chairs sit under a large window. The area above the kitchen cabinets houses a mix of found objects; Caroline explains they have to use this, and other available areas for storage. “You have to be creative with storage in a small space; it’s all about finding space for everything.”
The couple also aspires to create a livable space. Reed’s nursery features tones of blue and green. A huge map of the world hangs on his wall; it was salvaged by Nathan, a kindergarten teacher, when smart boards came in to the school. The changing table is also repurposed and is distressed wood.
Looking out the black and white curtains at the front of the home, Caroline says, “I feel safe here, and we have great neighbors. We visit everyone’s porch! We also walk to the restaurants often. We have the nice green space behind the neighborhood. We love it here!”

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