Jennifer Stanley

Halloween House

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, sisters Kelley and Christy Means bring the holiday to life! Each year, the sisters turn their yard in the Chapel Creek neighborhood of Conway into a Halloween showplace, featuring different holiday- related scenes that bring joy to kids and adults alike.

Courtney Pope

While back to school season is a whirlwind for all families with children, it can prove especially eventful for teachers and administrators. However, Courtney Pope is excited to return to Conway’s St. Joseph Elementary School, this
year in the role of principal.

Technical Skills

A new addition to Conway, S7 Tactical, offers training services and a private-member, referral-based club with a shooting range scheduled to open this fall.
S7 is owned by Conway residents Ryan and Tara Stephens and Trip and Courtney Leach.

Never giving up

Ashley Salter of Conway proves the path to parenthood is not always a straight line….rather, it can include the twists and turns that come with unexpected. Regardless, the end result is always more than worth the journey.

Natural Harmony

Faulkner County residents who are also art enthusiasts have likely heard of local artists V. Noe and Steve Griffith. Not only can their work can be seen throughout Conway and the surrounding areas, it can be found throughout the country in businesses and private residences.

Standing the Test of Time

With their 66th wedding anniversary on the horizon, one could say Bob and Barbara Henry of Conway define commitment. Married on June 10, 1951, Bob still remembers what Barbara was wearing when he first saw her walking across the Hendrix College campus in 1950. “I was a senior.


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